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Debbie is an inspiring and uplifting person.  She gets excited when you reach every goal you have in place.  She will bring you back and encourage you when you fall down and mess up and always reminds us not to lose sight of what our goals are of getting into shape.  She motivates us to do the extra rep even when it seems we cannot.  She is the one to get you into shape and help you change your lifestyle.



I did heavy training almost a year ago and then life happened and I let myself go.  I had been feeling depressed and totally demotivated.  Since then i found Debbie.  I dont feel that I am being judged and she has a very motivating aura about her.  I also now realise I never trained as hard as I thought I had.  Her classes kick my butt in an excellent way.  I am so grateful that I found her awesome studio.



I have never been able to keep up training and stay motivated. I have always walk around the gym totally lost.  I have kept up my exercise regime for almost a year now which is a first for me.  Since joining Bodywize Fitness I have stopped smoking and dont have pain in my back anymore.  My body has changed shape and my strength has increased amazingly.  I feel on top of the world.  Thanks Debbie, you have changed my life.



I have been with Bodywize for 4 months now.  I enjoy coming to classes as you exercise at your own pace that you can handle.  When Debbie sees you can do more she pushes you to increase your intensity and weight.  There is no judgement but only encouragement for you not to give up.  I have lost body fat and will continue until I reach my goal.



I have been with Bodywize for a year now and I am addicted.  I have been taught how to exercise and eat correctly.  Bodywize is the best and I will miss you in New Zealand.  Please come with me.



I thought kettlebells had something to do with making coffee but was i wrong.  The training at Bodywize is an awesome and different experience that gives you a full body workout in one.  I would recommend Bodywize to anybody.



 I trained in a gym 15 years ago and did my best to lose 1kg, obviously I did it all wrong due to no help from anyone in the gym. I met Debbie on Facebook and later in person and had no idea what I let myself into. I joined her studio weighing 110 kg and too tired to run around the bed. I find things happening in this 52 year body that I saw in my army days. My fitness level and core strength has improved to such an extent that the pain I feel makes it worth it. During training you get personal advice on how to use the equipment and the best way to use it for the best results and you feel it the next day . There is always the concern of how you are feeling and how you are doing. That personal touch you don’t get from any other gym, you get in this studio.
Thanks Debbie for never being bored in any of your classes and the high standard that you keep.



 I’ve been cycling for 13 years and never focused on any other form of training, except getting out on the road to ride my bike. Since August 2010 we have been training with Debbie and I have seen a big improvement on my core strength and overall fitness levels. I recently completed a 3 day Mountain bike race and I would not have enjoyed it as much if I didn’t have the increased strength and fitness that Debbie’s program provided.



Attending Bodywize has been nothing short of amazing.  Debbie has pushed and encouraged me ever since day one.  She is a coach that truly does the job more than well done.  In just 2 months, since attending her classes, I’ve seen wonderful results.  I feel self confident and healthier but most of all I simply feel fantastic.  Thanks to Bodywize, Debbie has changed my well being.  Try it and see for yourself, it’s worth every sweat drop.



TORTURE!!!!!! …… but it works.



 I am a 40 year old male and have been in and out of gyms since the age of 15, trying to build some muscle and get fit. Free weight training helps you build muscle mass but does little to raise your fitness level, while cardio builds your fitness level, you lose muscle mass. Then I met Debbie and joined her fitness studio and what amazing results I got in less than six months! Debbie is an absolute professional that knows how to push you without you over exerting yourself or going into cardiac arrest! Her classes are intense but fun and she constantly changes the routines, so you never get bored with the same routines over and over again. She combines fitness, cardio and resistance exercises in such a way that you build strength, fitness and endurance all at the same time. Not only have I lost kilo’s over this period, my muscles have toned and tightened up, my shoulders, back, arms and legs are actually bigger, and yet I have lost centimeters around my hips and waist. My love handles are almost gone! I am starting to get my V-shape of 15 years ago back and I have never felt fitter and stronger! For those of you that have never heard of Kettlebells please do yourself the favour and join her classes and find out for yourself about this amazing piece of equipment!



As I have had a lot of experience with personal trainers, I have come to the conclusion that Debbie is by far the best I have had.  I have achieved more of the results in the time that I have been with her and set more personal goals with her as my advisor.  I find her routines to be intense, yet I still find myself excited to go to each session.  Its upbeat, fun and always varied so never boring.  In asking questions, I find that she has the knowledge and experience to back it up.  I trust her with my health and in each personal goal that I set, I know that with her they are achievable.  PS My bum has never looked this good.



I joined Bodywize in January 2012 and although it’s been a difficult year in all aspects of life, I do not regret one training session with Debbie.  Debbie and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the fact that she is always glad to see me when I arrive for a training session and that she always asks how I am. I love the way she is concerned  about me when I don’t attend training sessions, when I have a headache or when I’m sick, she will always follow up and ask how I’m doing the next day. She really cares about her clients. I love the interesting workouts she constructs for each session. Sometimes I wonder on which planet she is,  strange because i still do the workout and realise what I have actually done and the accomplishment is priceless.  There is sense to her madness,  Debbie challenges you all the time. However the day after the challenging training session, I hate her. I hate the way my muscles ache and all because of her workouts however they work and you discover new muscles everywhere. Then as Debbie measures me and I get on her white scale and I see the weight and centimetres dropped – I absolutely love her again. She really drives you. The workouts are so diverse you cannot get bored. I joined in January 2012 because I was tired of being fat, I may not be my goal weight or skinny but I’m stronger and I have challenged my body way beyond what I ever thought was possible and that is all because of Debbie Dewey at Bodywize. She is direct and very straight forward and if you waste her time, you’ll know about it. She is extremely passionate about her training and her clients. So if you are serious about getting stronger mentally and physically, join Bodywize, like me, you won’t regret it.



My name is Kyle and I am 19 years old. I started gym with Debbie in February 2011 when I was 18. At that time I was not very fit and I was overweight, I weighed in at 128kgs. I also was not very active or into any sport or extra mural activities.
After a short while of attending training, I immediately felt a huge difference.  I felt so much better and was far happier. Throughout Debbie’s brilliant training of short, intense workouts, encouragement and support, I have gradually become much fitter and my life is taking a great turn for the future. It has also encouraged me to engage in sports and many more activities. Currently I attend gym 2-3 times a week and I am avid cyclist.   Once I gained enough confidence and lost enough weight, I started mountain biking with my brother and uncle. Cycling has become a very big part of my life and I am progressing very quickly in it and in fitness levels. My greatest achievement so far, that I have met thought the help of gym and Debbie, was that my team placed 4th in a 24 hour cycle race at Rietvlei Zoo Farm.
To date I have lost 24kgs and 15% body fat.
It has been a great change in my life and I am very thankful to the Lord and to Deb that I have stuck it out and it will be many years before I am done with gym and cycling.  Thank you Deb!  I am forever grateful to you for your constant support and not to mention all our talks.


Kyle Now

Kyle Now

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