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Why a Personal Trainer


Many people have no idea what a Personal Trainer is and many also believe that Personal Trainers are normally only hired by the rich and famous.  Yes, some trainers charge the earth for their services but there are some who don’t.  There are many benefits to training with a trainer :






 Both men and women are not very often motivated training on their own and give up before they reach their goals.  A personal trainer helps you stick to your training and will motivate you to persevere

 A trainer will help you to achieve your results in minimum time.  Normally when people train on their own they are totally confused as to where they should begin, this is time consuming and frustrating to say the least.

 When you are new to the exercise scene, it can be very intimidating walking into a gym with machines and weights.  Very often, women especially, have no idea where to start or what to do.  Over and above this, there is very seldom friendly assistance available.

 Often training on our own will cause us to reach a plateau.  Training with a trainer using different routines will help you break the plateau that you are stuck with.



Your form and technique are extremely important in order to achieve maximum results.  You will find that people are not strict with how they perform their exercises and yet wonder why they are not achieving results.  Performing exercise incorrectly has the potential of causing injury, this is where a trainer can help push you or slow you down.



People often ignore signals that their body is giving them.  There is a difference between the normal burn from an exercise and pain.  A trainer can watch you perform an exercise ensuring the correct technique, form and posture and avoiding injury that could keep you from working out for weeks, which is frustrating.



You need to understand that training is not a “walk in the park” especially when you have goals to achieve and many kilo’s to lose.  Training and achieving results requires “blood, sweat and tears” but ……….. in the end, it’s worth it.  Make sure you set small, medium and long term goals to get you through.  Read them and speak them out every day.  Most importantly, believe them and see it with your mind’s eye.  A trainer is there to ensure that your training is varied and fun to relieve the chance of boredom and ensure that you keep coming back for more and that you achieve the body you would like to have.



There is always the opportunity to workout with other people with the same goals and dreams.  Training in a group is fun and it’s always nice to know that you are “not alone” in this quest.  I train people in small groups where you still feel important and looked after.

Remember a trainer loves what they do and will always boost, motivate and pick you up when you feel like giving up.