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February 2006 weight

February 2006

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I was inspired to start Bodywize Fitness Studio after my own personal journey towards weight, fat loss and a healthier lifestyle. In April 2008, I started extensive research, using the internet, to find as much valuable information as I could regarding weight loss and working out.

I am no youngster and I was not looking to become a fitness model but rather wanted to feel happy and comfortable with myself and more importantly, improve my health and poor energy levels. Losing weight was not an easy task – it took a lot of commitment, dedication and perseverance.

After much deliberation, I achieved my goal in November 2008 bringing my fat loss percentage down from 36% to 20% (see my before and after photos). Depression and lack of self confidence became a thing of the past and my life took on new meaning.  On this journey, I discovered my passion for the fitness industry and qualified as a certified personal trainer in 2009.

Bodywize was born due to me working in a commercial gym and witnessing the frustration of clients with not achieving their goals or weight loss and exercise being performed with bad form and technique.  Personal attention was also severely lacking.  Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to me and the achievement of their personal goals. I closely monitor each client’s individual progress and all classes are personally supervised by me with no more than 15 people per class. Unique training routines are set each week in order to prevent monotony and boredom and to achieve the most effective results.   One on one training is also available to clients not comfortable with group training. All workouts consist of the use of free weights, body weight exercise, kettle bells, bands and ropes. No machinery of any sort is used in my studio, as they restrict the natural range of motion of the body. Functionality should be the key factor in training, where the entire body works in unity promoting flexibility and mobility which becomes more important as we age.

After my own successful weight loss, I feels happier, healthier and am able to truly love life. This is what I want all my clients to experience as well.  I love working with people and my mission is to assist every client to reach their desired potential and have great confidence in themselves.

“God gives all of us a talent, this is mine and I love every minute of it.”